Own Your Future.

The W Law* has developed an approach that no other firm can offer. We simplify complexity, optimize outcomes and help you implement strategies for lifelong success. Because of this, we’ve helped thousands of people restart their lives with optimismconfidence, and a newfound sense of who they are.

Tell us your story and let us know how we can help you.

*Formerly WZW


If you are facing new or ongoing family relationship conflicts, we can relate. We empathize and have a deep understanding of what lies ahead mentally, emotionally, and financially.  How? Because we have years of experience in family law and have lived a thousand lifetimes through our clients.

We understand that every story is unique and have developed an approach that
holistically integrates traditional practices with proven modern methods, starting with addressing your emotional wellbeing. Through this process, we become your protector, your confidante, and your voice. If this doesn’t sound like what you want in a lawyer, or sounds too “granola” for you, don’t worry — we are also ferocious litigators whenever you need us to be.

We’ve represented everyone
, from business owners to stay-at-home spouses, from people confident in their own power to those whose voices are underrepresented, including people of color, people with disabilities, domestic violence victims, and people of all genders and sexual orientations. Here’s what some of them have to say:

"They literally saved my children's lives."
- Allysa Howell
"They are absolutely dedicated to helping you walk through fire and come out a phoenix."
- Morgan Whaley
"I wish all attorneys would be so ethical."
~ Alex Hinst (SHE /HER)
“Carolyn Witkus and Erin Penrod were aces in the courtroom!”
- Nick Thaler
“Emily is incredibly smart, hardworking, dedicated, and caring.”
- Steven Swain
"Carolyn Witkus & Emily Warren were and always will be family to me."
- Meagan Koncija
"My experience with Carolyn Witkus and Jon Eric Stuebner was fantastic."
- Nancy Boisture
"Emily and Carolyn helped me break free - save yourself and hire only the best."
~ Meagan Koncilja

Carolyn C. Witkus

Family Law Pioneer
Passionate Advocate

Carolyn will be safe sounding-board, your ally, and your voice as you navigate every challenging family law issue. She’s is commitmed seeing her clients come out the other side of their difficut journeys as stronger, more confident people.

Between Carolyn’s 18 years in family law (13 years at Griffiths Law) and her background in econimics, there’s no complex family or financial issue that Carolyn cannot tackle.

Emily Warren

Master Strategist
Charismatic Advocate

Emily has helped thousands of people reclaim their lives in and out of the courtroom. She ensures the best outcomes for you and your family, leveraging her decades of trial expertise and vast network of legal professionals.  

Every aspect of Emily’s work in family law is driven by care, compassion a commitment to justice. Having served over 20 years as a prosecutor, she transcends common misconceptions as a family law attorney. 

Patricia A. Riley

Financial Warrior
Undaunted Advocate

Jon Eric Stuebner

Wise Teacher
Eloquent Advocate

Danielle Contos Moylett

Compassionate Counselor
Dedicated Advocate

Erin A. Penrod

Enduring Advocate

Douglas Lambalot

Shrewd Planner 
Supportive Advocate

Adeline Sulentich

Insightful Listener
Fierce Advocate